Julie M Studios
Julie M Studios
Hello! I'm Julie McCullough, but you can call me Jules. Based in the vibrant southern United States, I live my life between swatches of color and sheets of design. Joined with my husband, three kids, and two sweet Cavalier pups. I am fueled by a passionate love for all things art and design. My life’s canvas is filled with vivid hues, colorfully designed spaces, and imaginative illustrations that breathe life into every inch of my work. There's just something magical about the power of colors and designs that keeps me hooked! When I’m not busy painting the world with my creativity, you’ll find me lost in the soothing rhythm of sewing, reading, or soaking up the sunshine on the beach. As much as I love creating, I also cherish these quiet moments that replenish my spirit and inspire my next masterpiece. So, come join me in this beautiful journey where each day is a riot of colors, designs, and endless inspiration!
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