Kathryn Kramer Waters
Kathryn Kramer Waters
Kathryn's voluminous body of work reflects her intense love of color as well as the juxtaposition of simple shapes and complex patterns. She sees every drawing and painting as an opportunity to discover something new, usually by stumbling upon it.  She also makes cats—lots of cats. She lives in Portland Oregon with her husband and her cats, Nellie and Violet whose uncouth behavior provides endless inspiration. 
0346 - Butterfly Garden blue
Butterfly Garden
PTX 0510 - coming up paisley
Coming Up Paisley
17 501 - Fortune
Paper Compositions
0056 - Alpha Cat - colored dots
Shockingly Original
0209 - Fay
Wildly Superior
0181 - lolita - magenta
Dramatically Different
PT 0028 - fay - orange repeating  square
Pique Fabrique
0176 - ned bella flo - flower 2
Feline Flowers
OC0120 - lilac - xmas snow