Lisa Wetegrove
Lisa Wetegrove
Drawing, painting, and crafts have always been a part of Lisa Wetegrove's life. Family, friends, home, and nature fuel the joy that she infuses into her art. There have been many influences shaping Lisa's creative life. Childhood trips to Mexico helped her develop a great appreciation for the colorful decorative painting and luscious textiles made by artisans from Mexico, and she continued to develop a love of folk art from around the world. Handmade ceramics, quilts, batiks and rugs are some of her favorite design inspirations. She also loves the beautiful and detailed paintings of the indigenous artists of Australia. Modern art, illustration and design have also influenced her artistic journey. "My hope is that these wellsprings result in positive, smile inducing art and designs that make your day a bit brighter. " - Lisa Wetegrove
LW -Blue Flowers, Birds Up & Down
Lisa Wetegrove-Yellow Flower, Fish & Bird with mauve & blue
Birds & Fish
LW -Earth Love
Earth & Rainbows
Lisa Wetegrove-Drawing the Storm
On Location
Lisa Wetegrove-Pink Lemonade
Flowers, Trees, & Bees
Lisa Wetegrove-You Brighten My World
Illustrated Quotes
Lisa Wetegrove-Abstract Birds, Cats & Fish
Lisa Wetegrove-Vase of Tulips on Rug
Greeting Cards
Lisa Wetegrove-Winter Nesting
LW-Blue Flowers Repeat Pattern
Repeat Patterns
Lisa Wetegrove-Happy Birthday (sketchbook series)
Sketchbook Series